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Case Studies

1. Dick’s Pressure Washing (Video Ad Campaign Case Study)

a large blue rectangle with white words that say "are you ready to love your home again?

I helped a pressure washing company make three Facebook video ads to attract a target audience. As a marketer and filmmaker, I wrote, produced, and directed the entire project. I lead a team of freelancers which consisted of 12 people who specialized in sound, cinematography, directing, writing, acting, and motion graphic design. View Case Study

2. (Website Case Study)

The homepage of includes the menu bar at the top with the logo on the left. The header image shows the writer and her family standing in a clearing with the words "Parent Scraps" behind them in header font and the words "Little Scraps of Parenting, Toys & Lifestyle" beneath the header. A red subscribe button is in the lower right corner.

I designed and coded the entire website from scratch using HTML and CSS with a little bit of JavaScript. We also created a marketing plan and content posting plan. I worked with the owner of the site to create a style guide to follow in all of the content. Continue Reading

3. Eden Tech (Full Marketing Plan Case Study)

The homepage of Eden Tech Inc contains the teardrop logo of eden tech in the upper left corner. The header is an animation of the desalination machine and text that reads "revolutionizing the desalination industry"

I lead a marketing team to establish branding and a style guide for Eden Tech inc. We consisted of two digital marketers and one full-stack web developer. We created written and picture content that we posted on LinkedIn, Instagram, and the company website. View Case Study