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Dick’s Pressure Washing (Video Ad Campaign Case Study)

In the Spring of 2022, I helped a pressure washing company make three Facebook video ads to attract a target audience. As a marketer and filmmaker, I wrote, produced, and directed the entire project. I lead a team of freelancers which consisted of 12 people who specialized in sound, cinematography, directing, writing, acting, and motion graphic design. I consulted with the company to create a look for the campaign and solidified a style guide. I created a storyline and used several story elements in the ads to create emotional buy-in for the target audience.

The budget for the final product totaled over $13,000.

The Problem

The facebook Header for Dick's Pressure washing "a new standard of clean" shows that they service windows, driveways, patios, and stucco. Contains a phone number.

Dick’s Pressure Washing is a locally owned pressure washing business in St. George, Utah. They needed an ad for the spring that would attract their target audience, which is homeowners age 65 and older who want to make their homes look brand new.

The Solution

While consulting with the business, I identified the problem the service solves for the customer, which is to help them “love their home again”. Based on the nature of the business, we decided to target emotions of romance and nostalgia. We created a storyline about two people who buy a home, grow old together, and look for a solution to make their home look the way it used to.

I wrote scripts and designed three ads, a 2-minute “origin story” ad, a 30-second “effectiveness story” ad, and a 15-second “function story” ad. Each of these ads is meant to drive different business objectives such as conversion, lead generation, and awareness. The three videos were created for a retargeting campaign on Facebook where viewers are first shown the 2-Minute ad and then retargeted with the 30 and 15-second ads.

During this process, one of the most important things I did was test the scripts before creating the final ads with a full production crew. By creating test ads and surveying viewers from our target audience, we were able to find the best call to action (CTA) and hook for each ad.

After testing the ad, I lead my team to create the three final ads to be run on Facebook with the goals of awareness and conversion.

The 2-minute ad is shown below. Watch on YouTube for the best quality.