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Eden Tech Inc. (Full Marketing Plan Case Study)

I lead a marketing team to establish branding and a style guide for Eden Tech inc. We consisted of two digital marketers and one full-stack web developer. We created written and picture content that we posted on LinkedIn, Instagram, and the company website. We conducted outreach to find other blogs to guest post on for backlinks. We created a press package to be used when the company was ready to launch. We designed and wrote a script for a viral video to be used on YouTube.

About Eden Tech

Eden Tech Inc is a desalination startup company that has created an innovative desalination machine. This machine removes salt and minerals from water and purifies them for safe consumption. They have recently received millions in funding for their product and they work with underserved areas such as the Navajo reservation in Arizona.

Target Market Segments

A powerpoint slide that reads "Target market segments" and contains three columns for 75% slacktivists, 20% Influencers, and 5% Executive buyers.

We started our work by identifying the target segments which we found to be “Slacktivists”, “Influencers”, and “Executive Buyers”. Each of these segments contains people who are interested in clean water and water access for underserved areas.

The Slacktivists are described as people who follow and share company content but don’t put their money where their mouth is. This is usually because they support the cause, but don’t have enough money. They would be great paying customers if they had the money.

Influencers are philanthropists or those with large social authority and influence. They can get others to donate and they can connect companies with their social networks which can help raise money for causes.

The main audience we aimed to target with this campaign was the Executive Buyers. These people have access to large amounts of government or personal funds. They have the authority to sign off on large purchases.

Our content strategy was created around first gathering Slacktivists with the idea that everyone deserves clean drinking water, then incentivizing Influencers to tell their audiences about us, and creating enough buzz to be noticed by executive buyers.

How We Helped

The homepage of Eden Tech Inc contains the teardrop logo of eden tech in the upper left corner. The header is an animation of the desalination machine and text that reads "revolutionizing the desalination industry"

In the beginning, Eden Tech did not have a marketing plan. They did not use SEO, and the website was on an underperforming WIX site.

My team helped them find the right keywords to target to begin ranking for high-value terms. We also created a content plan for their Instagram and LinkedIn pages. We wrote articles and ran paid ads on LinkedIn targeting water engineers and government leaders to build awareness for the company. We migrated the site to Webflow where our web developer redesigned the website to improve the overall design.

By using simple and advanced SEO tactics, we were able to double the visitors to the site.

Branding and Style

We helped Eden Tech with a full branding package and style guide. We established a business voice for stakeholders and business channels and a personal voice for social media and awareness campaigns.

We settled on a slogan for the company, “building paradise”.

Content Strategy

We wrote multiple web articles for the company to post on their own blog. We also planned a video about how desalination would change the world. We noticed there were not very many good articles about desalination as a whole. There were many articles that contained bits and pieces to a bigger puzzle. Therefore, I wrote a 12-page article that encompasses everything a new reader needs to know about desalination. I targeted specific keywords for the industry and aimed to have a holistic view which would establish the need to write smaller articles on the topic in the future for more depth.

I wrote and designed the script for a video about desalination and how it would solve droughts worldwide. The video was 15 minutes long with a total budget of about $20,000. I did this because I noticed similar videos that reached virality. These videos were okay, but they lacked good story structure and I felt like my team could do better.