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Parent Scraps (Website Case Study)

I designed and coded the entire website from scratch using HTML and CSS with a little bit of JavaScript. We also created a marketing plan and content posting plan. I worked with the owner of the site to create a style guide to follow in all of the content. I started the design in Adobe XD and then I adapted the site to work on the web with Adobe Dream Weaver, although I also can work in a regular text editor. I found it easier to use a web builder like Dream Weaver.

I took all of the photos and chose some stock photos. I designed the header image in photoshop. I designed the logo using Canva Pro.

I kept the design as minimal and simple as possible so the content could take priority.


Parent Scraps is a family blog written by Brooke Garceau. She covers topics such as parenting, books, toys, faith, and activities. Parent Scraps wanted a blog that would feel welcoming to mothers between the ages of 21-44.

The homepage of includes the menu bar at the top with the logo on the left. The header image shows the writer and her family standing in a clearing with the words "Parent Scraps" behind them in header font and the words "Little Scraps of Parenting, Toys & Lifestyle" beneath the header. A red subscribe button is in the lower right corner.

Parent Scraps was created because parents often get discouraged when it comes to raising their kids. It can be good to know that others are going through the same thing. One of the main focuses of the blog is finding educational toys for children to play with. One of Brooke’s strengths is that she loves toys almost as much as children do. Therefore, she does extensive research to find the perfect toys.

One thing that makes Brooke unique is that she is also a blind mother, so that separates her from other mommy bloggers. Her content reflects a different perspective on parenting because of this.

The about page of consists of the header at the top and body text next to a picture of the writer and her child. A subscribe button is at the bottom of the image with three boxes that say "First Name", "Last Name"

Competitive Analysis

In the beginning, we compared 20 different websites in the parenting “mommy blog” niche and found that most of them try to look like news sites such as The New York Times or Wallstreet Journal. Their design choices were based on the home pages of these prestigious news sites. The design of these sites is not pleasing to look at even though they model successful sites. We decided to create a more fun homepage design and also make the articles more personalized!

We found that some of the most successful mommy blogs had thumbnails that include text over an image. This kind of imagery can be found on Pinterest and is therefore native to that platform. For this reason, we designed photos to go with each article that looked like native Pinterest posts.

An article page that has the menu bar at the top of the page followed by the header text reading "14 things to help you cope with HG 2021" and a picture of a woman trying not to vomit.


We picked a simple logo that consists of a red triangle with a yellow circle in the background and a light blue square that leans against the triangle. Next to the shape are the words, “Parent Scraps” in navy blue.

The articles have a very basic design that mimics the top sites in the niche. The title is located at the top of the page, followed by a yellow separator, then the thumbnail, a table of contents, and finally the article. We used the same header font, Georgia Bold, throughout the site with a simple sans-serif, Helvetica Neue, as the body font. The friendly color of yellow from the logo is used as an accent and the red is used for subscribe buttons and call to action buttons. Below you will notice that we used navy blue to color the icons for each article category on the home page.

The blog is on a clean white background to create an inviting atmosphere. We chose a very minimalist design that is ad-free.

An example of the categories page with text and icons showing the toys and parenting sections of the website


Parent Scraps is owned and operated by a blind user, therefore it is extremely important to us that it can be 100% accessible for all users. I made sure every image has alternate text for the benefit of the blind or visually impaired. We also made sure the site worked with screen readers.